The main weapon of the berserker. Their are different kind of types, some are fast pace attacking weapons while others have a rather slow attack rate. There are even different kinds of charge attacks. A fast hitting multi-combo attack. Or simply a heavy blow. Or even an earth shattering earthquake that  swipes away enemies in a straight line.

Axe TypesEdit

Monster AxeEdit

This axe has a ability to damage enemies in a line.

  • Shockwave Axe
  • Seismic Axe

Battle AxeEdit

This is berserker's first axe.A beginner's axe.You can kill enemies by charging the fury attack!

  • Battle Axe
  • Bruiser Axe
  • Heavy Axe

Fury AxeEdit

This axe will crush enemy's bones.Kill enemies by charging the dash and fury attack!

  • Fury Axe

Charge and TapEdit

This is Charge and Tap List

# Type Charge  Tap
1 Monster Axe Charge and release to shatter the ground in a line to damage your enemies Tap  to execute a slow and powerful combo.
2 Battle Axe Charge up and release a powerful strike that cripples enemies Tap to execute a quick striking combo while dashing forward
3 Fury Axe Charge up and release to dash forward and carve up your enemies!

Legendary WeaponsEdit

We have 3 Legendary Axes.Each Axe has a name.

# Name Type
1 Odin's Fist Monster Axe
2 War Scyte Battle Axe
3 Tarbazin Fury Axe