There are two types of in-game currencies - Coins and Gems. These currencies can be used to recruit new characters or purchase items in the shop. There are a few differences between coins and gems, the basic being coins are free and gems cost real world money. The player can also buy coin packs with gems (and not the other way round).


Gem 500% Gems are a way for the dev's of the game to make some money, it is possible to get gems also legit. You can find gold in different quantities in chests when you open them. Gems are used to purchase pets. Did you know? You can win 25 Gems opening Common Chests.


Gold 500% Players can collect Coins in multiple ways. They can grind for coins in the dungeon, breaking up destructible items to receive coins, selling unwanted items, or killing enemies and defeating mini bosses. 



DR SINGLE COIN You can find this destroying obstacles, killing enemies or bosses, opening chests after kill bosses and completing floors in Ultimate Rampage. It's too easy to find.

5 coinsEdit

DR 5 COINS You can find this destroying obstacles and killing enemies or bosses and opening chests after kill bosses. It's easy to find.

Coin BagEdit

DR COINBAG You can find this destroying big obstacles, killing mini-bosses / bosses and opening chests after kill bosses. Is not hard to find.

Gold BarEdit

DR BAR You can find this killing bosses, in secret zones and sometimes in boss-rooms. Is a bit hard find this.

Triple Gold BarEdit

DR TRIPLEBARS You can find this in secret zones, secret rooms and secret areas.