Hunter Traps are a type of mine that can be set in advance.  They have a variety of effects depending on the type used. Their mana cost tends to be high, so placement is key.The Hunter Traps takes a long time to disappear.The Garlic Nukes have a longer expiration time than the Hunter Traps. Traps claim to have no Charge effect, but holding the button will allow you to throw the traps forward.

Types of TrapsEdit


This mine makes a patch of fire that stays on the ground for a short time and burns enemies who touches it. 

  • Ash-Maker Mines
  • Scorcher Mines
  • Napalm Mines
  • Everburner Mines

blitz crossbows


Mine has a one sec timer before primed.  The explosion deals damage and knocks all enemies away from blast area.

  • Goo Trap
  • Muck Trap
  • Ooze Trap


Very similar to the Vampire Hunter's Garlic Nukes though less impressive visually and only one set at a time. Stuns a whole group of enemies when detonated.

  • Foul Reeker Garlic
  • Stink Blast Garlic

Tap and HoldEdit

This is information about Tap and Hold on Hunter Traps.

# Tap Hold Type
1 Tap to drop Firebomb to set enemies on fire! Hold to throw Firebombs! Hold longer to throw farther! Firebomb
2 Tap to drop Mines to Slow enemies Hold to throw Mines! Hold longer to throw farther! Mines
3 Tap to drop Garlic Bomb to Stun enemies Hold to throw Garlic Mines! Hold longer to throw farther! Garlic

Legendary WeaponsEdit

This is list of Legendary Traps.Each weapon has a name.

# Name Type
1 Napalm Mines Firebomb
2 Monster Hotel Mines
3 Nasal Buster Garlic

The "Napalm Bombs" in Weapons page is a example of a Legendary Weapon. Please don't report about the name.


We have noticed on dungeons that we seen a bomb without a vampire hunter player.These bombs are the enemies'.

Your Bomb Enemies Bomb Type
Tiny Spikes Bigger Spikes Firebomb
Big Small Mines
1 Defensive ring (Garlic Nukes) Single Garlic