Scrolls can be a very powerfull bossters to use in combat. There are a couple types of different scrolls. They all use up mana so be sure to have some!.Usable weapons for Sorcerer and Ranger.

Curación de PenesEdit

Cast this to heal yourself and all nearby teammates.  The significant mana cost and cooldown of the scroll make it useful in a pinch but not as reliable as having a steady food supply.  Depicted as a parchment with a red cross on it.  "Tap to cast Healing Aura around you and your allies!".Inscribed are the words, "To be awesome, heal everyone fighting with you."

  • Ancient Healing Scroll
  • Arcane Healing Scroll
  • Elder Healing Scroll
  • Healing Scroll

Speed ScrollsEdit

Cast this to give you and any nearby ally a speed boost.  The power determines the effectiveness of the spell.  Speed Scrolls will boost both movement speed and attack speed. Depicted as a parchment with a lightning bolt on it.These scrolls are ancient secrets of running fast!.

  • Sage Speed Scroll
  • Superior Speed Boost Scroll
  • Forbidden Speed Boost Scroll

Snare ScrollsEdit

Shoots a swirl of energy that will hold a single enemy in place.  Snare scrolls can get the modifier Piercing so that they affect multiple targets.

  • Magic Snare Scroll
  • Superior Snare Scroll

Legendary WeaponsEdit

We have 3 Legendary Magic Scrolls.Each scroll has a name. Edit

# Name Type
1 Forbidden Healing Scroll Healing Scroll
2 Forbidden Speed Boost Scroll Speed Scroll
3 Forbidden Snare Scroll Snare Scroll