These are consumable items that expire upon use. They can stack up to 99 but no higher (for now). They have their own tab in the Inventory/Storage.

They come in a number of different types with different effects. Note: Boosters only effect a single run. If the dungeon is only 1 Floor and you rush through it. It is still consumed. They same can be said if it has 3 Floors.

Health BombsEdit

The power of a Bomb with the restoring effects of a Health Potion. A winning combination!

These handy little items will revive you back to full health and damage all near by enemies. They will effectively give you 5 seconds of invulnerbility so you can get your revenge on those who struck you down.

There seems to be no limit on how many you can use in a single dungeon.

The only other way to avoid Defeat is to be revived by an ally or use a Health Bomb.

These come in different available amounts:

You can also gain Health Bombs from Chests.

Minor Experience BoostersEdit

Increases your experience gained by 10% for the next dungeon.

Any friend can Gift a Minor Exp Booster to you. Just make sure you send one back!

The 10% effect is only applied at the Victory Screen and does not increase the experience gained within the dungeon. To quote that item's description: "Awarded at the end of the Dungeon".

Double Experience BoostersEdit

These are simply the best and one of the most sotafter Boosters in the game. Although maximum level characters no longer require these. The bonus experience effect carries over to the Victory Screen and also increases the dungeon's completion experience.

These come in different available amounts:

Attack Power UpEdit

Increases damage dealt by 100% for 30 second.These are useful for every character.The maximum equip is 9.


attack power up

Mana BoostersEdit

Increases your maximum mana by 20% for the next dungeon.

These make for a great deal of extra mana for Heroes like the Sorcerer, Ghost Samurai or even the Battle Chef. But for characters with not so high mana pools, the effect will be minor.

These come in different available amounts:

Move Speed-UpEdit

Increases your movement speed by 50% for 30 second. This does NOT effect attack speed. The overall effect of Speed Boosters are lackluster at best. Unless you're playing Heroes with an already fairly high base speed, such as the Ghost Samurai or Ranger the additional 50% will be minor.

Maximum Equip Limit Is : 9