Red Dragon - The Favorite
  • Cost: 1 gold
  • Power: ★★★★
  • Defense: ★★★
  • Speed: ★★

-Very Tough, ranged pet. Shoots blasts of flame at enemies.

Please note that you CAN'T buy this pet with Coins.

[Warning: This pet can be sold to the shop for 300 Coins]

Range (piercing)
Burn damage
Bad when surrounded


This pet is very offensive heavy and will support you by targeting your attackers, ranged and melee alike. It works very well at stopping enemies in their tracks while leaving them with nice parting give of a Damage over Time(DoT) effect due to its flames. Berserker and the Battle Chef will benefit greatly from its suppressive fire due to the fact they aren't required to use a Throwing Weapons against enemies at a distance. The Red Dragon and the Ghost Samurai complement each others weaknesses very well, making a happy synergy with one being entirely effective at long range and the other for close range melee combat.

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