Light throwing weapons use a small amount of mana to cast.  They are versatile weapons that many enemies are weak to, making them excellent for support.

Weapon Types:Edit

Light throwing weapons come in a few varieties.


No delay to throw.  Charge-up fires out three waves of shurikens that also do increased damage.  The charge-up hit can be interrupted by melee damage.

  • Iron Shuriken
  • Juggler Shuriken
  • Rogue Shuriken
  • Shadow Shuriken
  • Steel Shuriken
  • Thieves Shuriken
  • Demon Shuriken

Throwing Knives:Edit

Throwing Knives have a slight delay to their throws and cannot be spammed like Shurikens can.  The Charging Attack claims to be Piercing, but in reality is just a super powerful hit.  

  • Brace of Knives
  • Juggler's Knives
  • Thieves Knives
  • Iron Knives
  • Rogue Knives
  • Shadow Knives
  • Steel Knives
  • Demon Knives

Legendary WeaponsEdit

We have 2 Legendary Light Throwing Weapons.Each Legendary Light Throwing has a name.

# Name Type
1 Iron Rain Knives
2 Death Stars Shuriken